About the Ferry

The Ferry Organisation

The Ferry is organised as a Community Interest Company.
It is a non profit making organisation run entirely by volunteers.
UK Company No
The Official Address
Wivenhoe Fingringhoe Rowhedge Ferry CIC
1 Trinity Close


01206 808 704 (answer phone only)

Richard Allerton, Phillip Foster, Paul Konec

Who is responsible for the Ferry?
The Ferry is run entirely by volunteers. It was founded in 1992 by four people - Rod Smart, Brian Sinclair, Peter Hill and Doug Meyers. Today it is run by an organising committee of skippers and others. For official organisation details read Ferry Organisation
When does the Ferry operate?
Running the ferry is entirely dependent on the tide.
The ferry runs during the weekend and on bank holidays according to the tide from April to mid October.
The actual operating time is approximately 1 3/4 hours either side of high tide. 
Who runs each Session?
The ferry has a fully trained skipper for each session on the water. The skipper is assisted by one or two crew members.