Fares & Services


Fare for a single journey:
Wivenhoe to Rowhedge
    Adults £1.50
    Children aged 5 - 15 (inclusive) 50p
    Senior Citizens (over 60) £1
Wivenhoe to Fingringhoe
    Adults £1
    Children aged 5 - 15 (inclusive) 50p
    Senior Citizens (over 60) £50p
These fares also apply in the opposite direction. There is no reduced rate return fare.
Services to Fingringhoe are at the Skipper's discretion.
Bicycles £1 per journey
Dogs Free of Charge
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Fares cover only a proportion of the fuel/ insurance and maintenance costs of the ferry. The organisation relies on donations and fund-raising events in order to provide this service to the public.


Service Times
The service times are announced in the Ferry Guide.
Variation from the Timetable.
The ferry runs according to the tide, and the level of water available for landing determines the start and finish times.
River level is also influenced by wind direction and sea current strength, therefore the published timetable is an approximate guide only. We cannot guarantee the running of any particular service or that passenger space will be available on a specific return journey.
Please take advice on return journey times before leaving the ferry.
If a skipper or crew member can not meet a particular session then we may have to cancel that service entirely, since we must meet the conditions of our license and insurance.
Journey times & Frequency
The service runs continuously between Wivenhoe and Rowhedge at the service times stated. It takes about 10 mins to make a journey in one direction, so a round trip can take approximately 20 minutes, sometimes a little more if there is some waiting time.
The skipper and crew try to keep a look out towards the Fingringhoe riverfront for passengers that may be waiting. However is does help if you wave to catch the skippers attention.
Fingringhoe can be a rather difficult pickup/drop-off point at some points of the tide. It is up to the skippers discretion whether he feels the conditions are suitable for a landing at Fingringhoe. In addition, passengers should be fit and able and you may get mudding shoes.
Services to Fingringhoe are at the Skipper's discretion.